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When I get a spare 5 mins from work and family life I love to sit down at my dinning room table with a cup of tea and a biscuit (or 2) and reflect on recent memories i've created for so many families. Here's my Boutique's blog where you will find blogs about past sessions, life, moments and information that's important to me and hope some may be you you too.


Much Love Kimi x

Darcy & Martha

By Kimi, Apr 13 2019 03:59PM


What a beautiful family i had in my little studio today.

Dad came in carrying their new daughter 'Martha Elizabeth' who was fast asleep all snugled up in a very cosy looking cardigan, closly followed by Mum who was holding the hand of their 4 year old daughter 'Darcy'.

Mum had listened well and had come prepared for Darcy with a mini suitcase filled of entertainment to keep her occupied when she wasn't posing with her sister.

Darcy was wearing a new dress which was for a wedding they were going to be attending at the weekend.

The session started with colour corridnated family poses and me pulling lots of funny faces getting Darcy to give me a massive smile.

Heres a family picture, wouldnt you agree with Darcy's beautiful smile.

Darcy gave Martha lots of kisses and cuddles through out the session showing me what an amazing big sister she already is.

Yours In Moments Kimi x

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