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When I get a spare 5 mins from work and family life I love to sit down at my dinning room table with a cup of tea and a biscuit (or 2) and reflect on recent memories i've created for so many families. Here's my Boutique's blog where you will find blogs about past sessions, life, moments and information that's important to me and hope some may be you you too.


Much Love Kimi x

Front Door Lockdown Family Portraits

By Kimi, May 11 2020 08:30PM

Well it's a funny old time around the world at the moment.... It has affected everyone in someway or another! We have been put on lockdown by the Goverment and most buisnesses have come to a standstill with our lives totally changed.

We're now attempting to home school our own kids and not alowed out to the park.

It hit me hard not being able to work as I was fully booked unitll July but understandably everything got cancelled. I started snapping away at my own children and capturing things that they were getting up to.

I was missing working so much so i did a family fun photo challenge where I asked for people to create their own fun family picture and encouraged to get as creative as possible. Then I made my baby massage classes virtual by running through zoom, the feedback has been incredible, not just 'my baby slept better' but first time Mummy's telling me how valuable the classes have been for their own mental health which was so humbling.

I was keeping my self busy but wanted to do something for others too, to remember this time and hopefully raise some money for our NHS who continue to do such an amazing service to the country. The idea of ‘lockdown portraits’ was perfect. It was something that was already going on in other areas but I just wasnt too sure how it would be percieved, but i am sooo glad i did it.

The rules had to be pretty strict, photographs had to be taken from a distance which meant relying on my long lens, keeping the 2 meter social distancing rule in place. It was VE day so there was bunting up and some had dressed for the ocassion.

Images were shared via digital download meaning no contact on deliveries.

The response was amazing, so many families jumped at the chance to capture the front door photos, I absolutely loved it, plus I met lots of wonderful families too!!

May 16 2020 08:01AM by Amy Roberts

2 Mersey Grove

New Barrets housing estate down henthorne Road!!

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