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When I get a spare 5 mins from work and family life I love to sit down at my dinning room table with a cup of tea and a biscuit (or 2) and reflect on recent memories i've created for so many families. Here's my Boutique's blog where you will find blogs about past sessions, life, moments and information that's important to me and hope some may be you you too.


Much Love Kimi x

Maternity/Bump Session's what to expect!

By Kimi, Mar 6 2020 07:05PM

So your expecting.....

And think i'll get some pics done of bump....

Then realise your in your third trimester you have'nt got long and you feel.. well... errrrr...

You may not be able to look down now and see your toes, you may have swollen legs and just want baby out! wether you feel like this or feel like you can take on the world now is the time to capture the amazing job you are doing at growing a tiny human!

Let me take control and make you feel and look like a godess! Its my job to make you feel happy and relaxed in the studio and of course have lots of fun. Sessions are laid back and we do have alot of fun.

Have your hair and make-up done and ill sort the rest.

My sessions are laid back and fun to get the very best out of you! My aim with my maternity sessions are to help you feel empowered and like a queen. I mean your growing a tiny human YOU ROCK!

I have lots of beautiful dresses, materials, and everything else in-between! Sessions are around an hour and are FREE!

Send me a message and i will happily go through your ideas and what you want and lets create some

rather special, beautiful and amazing images together for you.

Love Always Kimi x

clitheroe photographer lancashire
clitheroe photographer lancashire
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