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When I get a spare 5 mins from work and family life I love to sit down at my dinning room table with a cup of tea and a biscuit (or 2) and reflect on recent memories i've created for so many families. Here's my Boutique's blog where you will find blogs about past sessions, life, moments and information that's important to me and hope some may be you you too.


Much Love Kimi x

By Kimi, Feb 10 2020 03:43PM

Are you pregnant?

Congratulations... i bet there's 1000 things going around your mind right now! So exciting right?

Have you ever thought about Hypnobirthing?

When i say HYPNOBIRTHING what's the first thing that comes into your head?

- What is it?

- No, it's not for me!

- I'm not into that stuff....

-I don't need that!

BUT do you really know what it envolves and what it can help support, giving you a positive birth lancashire experience! I personally didn't do it or attend many classes but If I was to have another baby (which isnt on the cards) I would fully embrace it!

I met Jennie and instanly warmed to her she wasnt pushy and really realxed me. We spoke about our passions and can you believe shes a qualified and a practicing midwife what a great expertise to have whilst learning and absorbing all the information and knowledge Jennie has to offer! She offers proffesional and upto date claases - hypnobirthing lancashire.

We have teamed up together to give some special offers.

Pop over to Jennie's page and have a look

"KG Hypnobirthing is logical, simple, practical... and very effective; a complete antenatal education. It makes a difference to your experience of giving birth, and gives you the tools to give your baby the best possible start in life"

- Katherine Graves (Founder of KG Hypnobirthing)

Love Kimi x

By Kimi, Feb 8 2020 01:04PM

Cast My Memory
Cast My Memory

I started Memory Boutique Photography nearly 7 years ago now! Something i always wanted to do was to work with other local businesses to support each other, this was actually alot harder than i expected for 2020 i set my goal to find 3/4 other like minded small businesses that were friendly and bubbly to want to be 'work friends'. I had tried with a few last year but nothing ever came of it. Anyway this year has been amazing ive found 3 lovely other businesses who offer brilliant servies and the ladies behind them are even better!

My first business is owned by a lady called Simone she is based in Barrowford in the same buliding i was in, Higherford Mill. Simone is the proud owner of Cast My Memory she casts the most precious little sculptures for you to keep and treasure forever!

Simone normally attends one of my baby massage classes to chow the parents what she does which is really nice.

Simone's work consists of bespoke hand and body castings for all ages. Paw castings, bumps and family link wall art. Resin preservation wedding flowers and keepsakes.

When you have a spare 5 minutes please pop over to her page and have a look at what she does!

Cast My Memory can also be found in Collection 3 of my Newborn Sessions with a 10% off! wow!


By Kimi, Jan 28 2020 08:22PM

Just look at this lil gem!

This beauful 1 year old has the most amazing name ZEN. Her mummy phoned me and said i would like a birthday shoot but no cake!!! She sent me lots (and i mean lots) of different images which made up around 5 different shoots in one, but with careful planning and conversations with mummy we did it together.

Zen came to the studio all wrapped up as it was very chilly outside and as mum unwrapped her layers i began to see what a beautiful lil girl i was about to capture! i think you will all agree with me.

That hair, her smile and she has the most beautiful big brown eyes.

Zen entertained us and we captured everything mum had hoped for.

At the viewing session there was tears (this is good by the way) and dad came too along with Zens big brother.

Loved capturing Zen!

Love K x

Birthday Fun sessions
Birthday Fun sessions

By Kimi, Apr 13 2019 03:59PM


What a beautiful family i had in my little studio today.

Dad came in carrying their new daughter 'Martha Elizabeth' who was fast asleep all snugled up in a very cosy looking cardigan, closly followed by Mum who was holding the hand of their 4 year old daughter 'Darcy'.

Mum had listened well and had come prepared for Darcy with a mini suitcase filled of entertainment to keep her occupied when she wasn't posing with her sister.

Darcy was wearing a new dress which was for a wedding they were going to be attending at the weekend.

The session started with colour corridnated family poses and me pulling lots of funny faces getting Darcy to give me a massive smile.

Heres a family picture, wouldnt you agree with Darcy's beautiful smile.

Darcy gave Martha lots of kisses and cuddles through out the session showing me what an amazing big sister she already is.

Yours In Moments Kimi x

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